Friday, March 14, 2014

SXSW Autonomous Cars

This past week we were out at SXSW Interactive learning about the future of automotive technology, autonomous cars, and connected cars. We saw a lot of crazy car wraps and promotional vehicles driving around town and even rode on a boat bus...yes it was as crazy as it sounds! Did we mention the boat bus was hosted by the one and only Grumpy Cat?

Saturday the Connected Car Pavilion opened and we heard from engineers, law makers, and the Mayor of Austin about how these future vehicles will curb our safety issues and traffic problems on the road. Cars today already have autonomous features like self parking capabilities, blind spot monitoring, and cruise control, but the future cars will be able to drive themselves and prevent many accidents due to human error. Autonomous cars can read the road ahead and prevent pile up accidents as well as avoid causing traffic due to unnecessary braking. When you reduce human error you reduce accidents which reduces traffic. We only need 10% of the vehicles on the road to be autonomous before we will see the benefits


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