Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Auto Apps

Road trip? There is an app for that! With Toyota you can have Entune and many other apps to make your drive easy. From road-trips to gas savings there are apps out there for all your automotive needs. Take a look at our top picks:

Entune: With the Entune app for Toyota you have access to iHeartRadio and Pandora to listen to music, Bing for searching, MovieTickets.com to purchase movie tickets on the go, and OpenTable to make dinner reservations all from the comfort of your vehicle!

Waze: We all know Houston traffic can be the worst but the with Waze you can cut time off your daily commute. Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. It also helps you find the cheapest gas stations in your area all through community updates!

Roadtrippers: If you are just along for an adventure this app will share fun things to do along your route. With turn by turn navigation this app not only lets you map your route but offers attractions, lodging, and more along the way. It syncs your itinerary and helps make your trip hassle free.

Fuelcaster: One of the cool new apps to debut during SXSW was Fuelcaster. This app would go by zip code or GPS to tell you the best prices on gas in your area. It would also predict if prices were going to drop or get higher. This is a great summertime app to use because gas prices fluctuate during heavy travel times. This app could save you some $$.

FuelMyRoute.com: FuelMyRoute.com asks for your starting and ending location and will show the best gas prices along your route. This is great for road-trips or even for your daily commute. Why not save a little money on your way home from work?


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